Like the butterfly, you have the power to transform your own life. The caterpillar, having reached the end of one phase of its journey, weaves its own chrysalis. Struggling to break free from the confines of its own making, this strange creature emerges, transformed, a beautiful butterfly taking flight. Within you lies the same power to transform yourself, your mood, every moment, every day.

Awaken to your senses. Awaken to your joy. Awaken to your true authentic self.

Ask yourself: How can I unfold into everything I am, and everything I am becoming?

Set an inspiring table. Share it with family and friends. Sit at your table and enjoy your meal, savor every element. Be in the energy of that elevated space. Be the butterfly. Unfurl your wings and participate in the creative process of your own life unfolding.

Put on the jewelry that suits your mood. Wear it as a reminder of your power to transform. Make yourself feel beautiful in this moment. Don't wait for someone else to make you happy; don't wait for someone else to make you feel beautiful. Bring in beauty just because it’s beautiful, and let it uplift you.